Friday, December 4, 2009

Oldtown kopitiam @ bangsar

Just now my sis ask me to accompany her for dinner... at 1st i rejected her coz im very3 the tired.. (just came back frm mission training) haa.. after a short while, i bring her for dinner.. coz i hv onli 1 sis.. and 1 God...
(like not link ler)

my sis seek advice frm me regarding her student exchange program to us, about wat to buy, and wat to bring . . .

Suddenly, she ask me about King's david in the bible.. aik.. this suprise me... wow (she dun want to mention about God, or the bible thingy..) . . . i started to say, 'you got read that bible tat i brought 4 u?' (brought 4 her 1 year ago) my sis answered, yup, 1 king...'

then i started to share to her about king david, saul, solomon... (their life, backgroud, what we can apply frm here to our daily life) she keep asking and asking, want to noe more . . . hmmm

It's a good start, may my sis really encounter with Jesus! thank Jesus, 4 a wonderful sister . . .

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  1. God is awesome! she shall see His awesomeness!