Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Give the best to others..

This morning i received a love offering.. dont know who gave it to me.. i was very excited coz wonder this amount of money may use it to cover my new shoe cost.. haa..
(brought a new balance shoe yesterday at ioi mall) =)

This evening, visit a young boy,wanna hv dinner then went to main sanctuary and pray together...he looks down and troubled... haa wonder to eat what 4 dinner (haiya.. everytime need2 think bout this) .. strawberry, kfc, mcd, hawker stall, old town.. etc.. there is a covinction in my heart... give the best to others.. then i suggest we go to victoria station.. yeah!!1 cool!!

We had a wonderful time together during dinner and prayer..into His presence encouraging and building up..

The young boy asked "why you bring me to VS? is very expensive!" then i answered,
"if i wanna to give, then i should give the best! u may impact many others lives one day! maybe few thousand..childrens.. youths!

It's more blessed to give rather than just receive only.. ")

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