Sunday, November 29, 2009

Don't lose the heavenly vision and passion . . .

(Phi 3:12) I don't mean to say that i have already archieve these things or i have already reached perfection! but keep working toward that day when i will finally be all that Christ Jesus saved for and want me to do . . .

Found something in this bible verse . . . we may learn from Paul's life . . .

  • Know our purpose, destiny and God's calling in our life . . . go for it!
  • Seek The Lord 1st, as we move on, God will reveal it to us through ppl, cicumstances, etcs..
  • Don't give up no matter what happen . . . mmm.. tis is interesting . .
  • Always improve and change when we r wrong in order to move forward . .
  • There are eternal value during fulfilling God's will in our life . .

Encouraging myself... haa

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