Tuesday, October 27, 2009

wonderful weekend...

aik.. almost forgot what i did.. haa.. hmm.. just write what i remember ")

Church maintainance.. aiyoo.. pening kepala..

Spending time to His presence and pray for young people..

wondering about to have a good communication with different personality person..

why some people like to lie and not truthful.. some more very good in acting.. make me sad and sick..


Visited Jackson and Kim Fai, had lunched wif them at taipan old town
(this is the 3 rd time already to old town in this week) Had a fellowship with both of them . . . Jackson mentioned that he want 2 renew his mind; dont what to be violent and use fault words..
(im very suprised that jackson will said this! Praise The Lord!)

Went to hospital to visited a sister with dengue at sunway medical.. with tommy at afternoon after my lunch.. wah.. so semangat.. keke (people is very important)

At nite,i helped daniel to fetched the guests from check point to center for tml teacher's training. from wait at giant, 1 more wait at sunway pyramid. the sister lost in pyramid.. took me almost half hour2 know where is the sis waiting.. haa..

At around 2am (if im not wrong) went to sg besi toll to meet wif aunty yee khim and team wif daniel.. coz they lost their way :P them both of us overnite at church, very2 cold ler..zzz.. coz i didnt bring long pant. aiya..


Aiyo... i forgot to bring my soap, tooth brush.. guess wat, i didnt brush my teeth on that day.. haa.. wake up at round 7am someting.. (not really have a good sleep *>*) then went to car4 to picked up 11 ppl frm penang.. saw sheau tyan wif her frend (i guess) waiting at the bus stop and horn her.. haa.. her response very slow ler..

later went to pick up jasmine and siao wei n her sis.. for yap's wedding. then when for breakfast, very hungry and feel sleepy.. so have to eat lo..

The wedding start 10.30am.. Praise The Lord!! the wedding was smooth... (cut the story stort)
Went to ss15 wif nai chooi, her driving skill -- very 'wah' haa.. to photostat church buletin. the time is very pack.. ooo.. later need to prepare for youth.. (His Grace is enough 4 me..)
They touched my heart: Rudy, joel, kevin helped to carranged and clean the church.. den khye lin aso offer her help, to washed plates, jasmine also.. even they had p and w practise.. Thank you very much!!

Run every way.. haa.. ( skip the youth)

Had my dinner at 9 something.. after p n w practise.. den go dream hub.. washed all plate.. wah.. veli oil ler..

then i saw a lipas a again.. haha.. so tortured the lipas lar.. apa lagi.. spray with sheitox den close it in a box... i put hand santizer on the lipas .. haha.. wahhh.. the lipas struggle more stronger! can jump some more.. haha.. daniel sounded me.. zzz..


after service.. i saw hui theng's mum.. talked to her 4 a while coz long time didnt c aunty.. she dun looks cheerful...

have lunch wif my bro, khye lin (wow!! the way she drive!! make me want to step on the brake ') haha.. nice one! jasmine, jason, sean at strawberry.. had a great fellowship..

Went to 100 yen to have ice cream with daniel and yew lin.. not enough den we went to mcd, buy a coke and mix wif sunday cone. nice !

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