Sunday, October 25, 2009

what is in my heart this week..

What's in my heart . . .

1) i am questioning and wondering about integrity toward God and people...this topic really make me think alot..

  • Be whole in everything.. not half, not little.. (in what we do)
  • Have a pure heart.. without any other or bad motive..
  • Be a real person.. live out what we share and from what God's word said..
2) reading proverbs chp 1-4 repeatly.. ") nice!

  • Fear the Lord always,know His words, this will increase our wisdom and understanding..
  • when understanding and wisdom increase, our discernment will become sharp and better..
  • We will have direction, know what want us to do / go..
  • Impart Godly values to others since they are young
  • Honour The Lord with what we have.. (Give the best!)
  • Dont be afraid when sudden terror occur, God always be with us..

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