Saturday, October 17, 2009

This whole week..

Had dinner wif Desmon and daniel on wednesday nite at ss15.. usualy try call ryan, desmond, sheau fang and sheau tyan aso..for fellowship.. but always not at the right timing.. haa.. i will gambate!! adjust my time..

Went to jason's mum place on friday nite 4 dinner wif daniel (see his face almost everday <>) .... order 'rou sui taufu' , bitter ground wif egg n salad 'pai kuat' yummy... jason's mum ordered 2 set of taufu bakar.. veli2 nice.. and veli2 full..

Then went 2 dream hub at around 9am.. i killed 6 'lipas' (kacau-kacau punya lispas) after that i soldered some cables (still have many to do..) daniel prepared for teacher's training for next week.. suddenly a orange colour cat came in dream hub.. near the toilet... (apa punya kucing)haa.. managed to chase the cat out.. funny.. haha.. this is the 1st saw a cat came in.. aik..

here is some principles that we can apply when communicate and doing sherperding or discipling others... this also will help us to grow and improve ourself..

-Learn to smile always even u r not in good mood or speaking on the phone...
(this will affect us and others as well..) - i need to learn to develop this.. :)

-Always learn to encourage or praise others... inseed of criticise others

(they may defend and give many reasons.. once we criticise or scold others; actualy what we scold or criticise will turn back to us..) need to have knowledge and wisdom to speaks) haa.. -learning ... loading........

-be a good listener- talk less...let others to express and share.. go into their need / topic/ interests..

-Know people's needs.. care for them.. remember their needs, interests, names,etc..
(art of kepo-ing) - haha.. this will help alot.. earn relationship and trust..

write down if we are forgetful.. thank God! im quite kepo-ing.. keke.. ;)

M bro's myvi kena curi 2 tyre!!! wahh.. zzzz... suddenly... hahaaa . . . they went to make police report.. i went brought 2 second hand tyres.... rm 410..

my bro and jasmine r lovely and sweet! :)

One thing that inspire me 2day..

Trust The Lord with all ur heart. dont lean own ur own understanding. Surrender everything To HIM.
now want to sleep... Good nite!


  1. Aiyoh, I thought the car was just tyre punched, never really went into your album to read! poor thing! but it is a good experience though! All things work for the good lah!

  2. where got poor.. thank you Jesus...