Sunday, October 11, 2009


haiya...need to write again.. i forgot to save it..eeeeee /// lol..
This whole week i feelvery dizzy coz of meeting - meeting... actualy i forgot wat i did in this week.. haa.. blur-blur..

Went to visit kim fai, yalun and their friends on thursday with daniel, had lunch wif them,enjoy fellowshiping wif amazed at kim faicoz he promised me to came on sat for youth.. he made it! praise THE LORD!!

Praise THE LOrd!! there were 59 young people came for youth fellowship! God's presence was there!! i pray there everyone will be well sherpherd and disciple!! young people continue to grow in The Lord! ;)

i went fetch 4 youths to youth fellowship at kepong- segambut (quite far actually) struck in massive traffic jam..went out at 3.30pm, reached dream hub at around 5.20pm- wif speeding.. haha.. fetched them back after youth... stuck in traffic jam again.. went at 7.20pm, reached at around 8.40pm...zzz.. i almost lost my patient (but i didnt, i been mold in this area) coz im tired and my stomach pain... i prayed for healing.. and my stomach geeting better.. Thank God!! ;)

im so touched by this group of youths... they were waiting for me for dinner..even is about 9pm, i thought they all went back aredi.. (thank you) went to taipan, ate pan mee..we had a great time and fellowshiping.. laughing at each others... bla-bla-bla.. :)

(They are: my bro, khye lin,daniel, s.king, sheau fang, sheau tian, jasmine, nelson, jason,jared)
hahaha... yeah.. relax lar.. dun hit me.. ;P

There were few things in my heart in this week:

-If we walk to walk far with our partner / co - worker in our journey wif Jesus, we need to walk together.. know their personality, strong points, weakness, trust them...

-God anoint us base on our personality and our need.. we will not rejoice if the anointing is not suitable for us.. trust inHIM! He know wat is the best for us!!

-our life must be able to go through testing and trial (like a silver been purified with fire) i saw this picture during prayer...

-Concept on sherperding- not just for christian only..we can sherpered non believeras well before they believe in Christ... just chat, share wif them, care for them... like how we care for ourself... (have a good and deep relattionship wif them before sharing good news to them) haa.. understand?

not only pastor, leader, home group leaders can sherperd, but everyone can do it!

we can sherperd in our daily life, home, school, campus, workplace.. not just simply a bible study (method) but can be done in a friendly, relaxing enviroment.. yam cha wif them.. share God's word in chating way..

We will function as a pastor wen we sherperd / care for others.. even 1 person..

... i stop here... haa...

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