Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i cut my hair...

Yesterday morning went to bkt pelondok (is between port dickson and seremban)to cut my hair wif my mum, tommy,daniel... this time, my hair is really different last time.. now is super-duper short!! like dragonball character - go han. . . :) haha..

before tat, my hair was unbalance, left side is shorter and less hair n right side is longer.. everyone also suprised haa..


When uncle francis saw my hair, he asked, "what happen to ur hair?cut until so short"

When sis gigi saw my hair, she was shock and said 'how come ur hair is so short?.. aiyo..'

Sis yeo neo ask' why u cut ur hair until so short?!'

Uncle heng chiew was shock. "wah... y ur hair so short?"

they all looks suprised.. haha.. mmm... ah quan . . ohh ah quan..
This morning during prayer. . . i come before The LORD, in HIS presence.. refresh my self in HIM..
We always need to come to His presence, seek, have a intimate relationship with HIM...

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