Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Destiny . . .

this few day my heart is troubled and concern...

Thinking & wondering about young people (believer or non believer) .. about their life style.. more concern on what they wear, use, see, how they behave, until dont put God at 1st in their live as the priority, not passionate for the LOrd. . .

this is very dangerous.. coz many young people will fall into satan's trap... make them not focus to The Lord, yet problems, trends, branded things, technology, money issues, busyness . . .

young people not suppose to end out like this... fall into satan's trap - astray away, blinded, hurt.. etc..

they dont know their destiny . . . should reign together with Christ one day . . . need to prepare for this..

They should live out full force for Jesus! do great things for Him!

not saying tat we cant enjoy life but is our heart's matter toward God, our passion, value and purpose...
Please dont misunderstand me..")

they look lively at outward yet not..

(remind me 1 of the churches in book of revelation - church of sardis - have a reputation being alive but are dead)

be aware and alert..

I will intercede for this matter.. impart the right things when have chance..

Thank you Lord..

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